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Broadcasters’ work to educate the electorate this political season

When you hear “political contributions” you probably think of money given to candidates. But broadcasters’ view their political contributions differently—as a way to serve the voters in their communities during an election year by educating them with debates, information and more.

Local broadcasters remain the number-one source of local news, giving stations a key role in increasing civic engagement in the electoral process.

Here are just a few examples of local broadcasters’ efforts to educate and engage voters before the upcoming elections:

  • In Hawaii, KHNL-TV and KGMB-TV Honolulu televised a mayoral debate. Candidates debated a variety of issues, and current mayor Peter Carlisle also fielded questions and comments related to his job performance over the past term.
  • Voters in Myrtle Beach, S.C., are in a brand-new congressional district in 2012 and have a number of candidates from both political parties to learn about. In June, stations aired debates between the Republican candidates one night and the Democrat candidates another evening. This October, WBTW-TV will air a third debate with the nominees from both parties.
  • Of course the biggest election this November is the presidential election. NBC News is partnering with Telemundo to cover the presidential race. “Decision 2012″ will include joint monthly polls, coverage of the campaigns and conventions, and events focused on the role of the Hispanic vote, estimated at 22 million eligible voters. The partnership provides Telemundo access to NBC News’ political content and gives NBC News the benefit of Telemundo’s expertise in the Hispanic community.

And, like all the over-the-air programming broadcasters already offer, all of this election information is provided  free to the viewer. Because of broadcasters’ efforts, voters go to the polls more informed about the issues and candidates, which contributes to a stronger democracy.

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Latest Mobile TV Devices Will Bring Your Favorite Content to You Anywhere, Anytime

Wouldn’t it be nice to take your favorite morning show with you on the commute to work – not missing a minute of the breaking news or local weather?

With more than 120 stations across the country broadcasting mobile television signals, the future of TV is here – and it’s mobile. With numerous local broadcast stations transmitting mobile TV signals, and more consumer devices and adapters coming to the market, soon it will be very easy for consumers to get free mobile broadcast television on their laptops, tablets and smartphones. Best of all, the service does not require a data plan or hefty mobile data charges, because the signal is sent for free over-the-air.

Check out our new video that features mobile television providers Dyle mobile TV and the Mobile 500 Alliance demonstrating the devices and adapters built by manufacturers like Samsung and Belkin that run their mobile TV services. Watch the video below to see how you can get your local news, sports, weather, entertainment and lifesaving emergency information anywhere, anytime:

Mobile DTV from NAB Studio on Vimeo.



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Congress recognizes broadcasters’ ability to reach mass audiences in times of crisis

The beginning of June marked the official start of hurricane season, and once again, local radio and television stations are ready to keep their communities safe and informed wherever and whenever weather emergencies strike.

Ten members of Congress delivered statements on the House floor acknowledging the vital role that broadcasters play during severe weather emergencies by providing early warnings and disaster relief when the unthinkable happens.

The following members delivered statements (view video of members’ statements):

Reps. Gus Bilirakis (FL-09), Hansen Clarke (MI-13), Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18), Billy Long (MO-07), Carolyn McCarthy (NY-04), Ted Poe (TX-02), Laura Richardson (CA-37), David Scott (GA-13), Joe Wilson (SC-02) and Todd Young (IN-09).

In addition, four members submitted statements to the Congressional Record:

Even Federal Emergency Management Association administrator Craig Fugate has acknowledged that broadcast radio and TV is the best way to stay up-to-date on severe weather information when disaster strikes. And broadcasters are now poised to deliver this lifesaving information to Americans on the go.

There are more than 100 TV stations nationwide delivering mobile signals to smartphones and tablets, and several models of smartphones feature broadcast radio. Because broadcast signals are sent “over the air,” even when cell towers are congested or down, local broadcasters are able to reach mass audiences with critical information through smartphones and tablets. Make sure you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you this summer, and don’t forget to tune into your local broadcast stations to get all the information you need to stay safe.


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Hold onto your hat – hurricane season is on the way

The bad news is that June 1 marks the start of hurricane season. The good news, however, is that you can stay safe by tuning in to your local TV and radio stations to get critical emergency information. And many of you can tune in on the go using your smartphone or tablet, even if power lines are down and cell networks are congested.

How is that possible? More stations than ever before are broadcasting mobile channels. Mobile TV is delivered from your local stations to your mobile device using over-the-air technology, not wireless networks. Not only does that mean you can still receive local emergency information even when cell towers are down, but it also means there are no additional data streaming charges.

Your phone will need to be enabled with a chip – check here to see if your device already has those capabilities built-in. If it is not, consumers in many areas can purchase a USB flash drive-sized mobile TV receiver for their laptop or tablet, like the DTV111 from Coby Electronics. Watch this short video to get a glimpse of how this technology works.

Radio-enabled mobile phones provide another way for consumers to get vital emergency information when storms are looming. Again, even when cell towers are down or congested, radio-enabled phones are able to receive local broadcasts over-the-air, keeping you informed and safe. For a list of radio-enabled phones from major wireless carriers, click here.

Broadcasters take their role as first informers very seriously and local stations around the country are innovating to keep viewers safe and meet your needs of on-demand information.

Remember, when the storms roll in your local broadcasters will help you stay safe and stay informed!

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The Mobile 500 Alliance to launch new mobile TV service this summer

The annual NAB Show always dazzles attendees with the latest broadcast innovations and gadgets, and this year was no exception.  The growing adoption of mobile television took center stage at this year’s show, with many vendors demonstrating new consumer devices that will hit stores this summer.

We caught up with John Lawson from the Mobile 500 Alliance and asked about his company’s new mobile TV offerings.  The Mobile 500 Alliance service includes 437 individual stations and reaches 94% of the U.S. population.  This summer, it will also be available via an iPhone/iPad app with the purchase of a small adapter, and will include over-the-air mobile TV broadcasts with no monthly fees or hefty mobile data charges.  It even includes DVR functionality to record and pause live TV!

Watch our interview with John Lawson and see a demo of the Mobile 500 service below:

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Mobile DTV front and center at ATSC

Last week’s ATSC Annual Meeting featured discussions of mind-blowing future broadcast innovations such as UltraHD and broadcast 3D TV, but much of the attention of the meeting was focused on the emerging innovation of mobile DTV. This means live, local TV on the go straight from your local stations with no data streaming charges!

Following the event, we caught up with a variety of featured conference speakers, including:

  • Mark Richer, President, ATSC
  • Kelly Williams, Senior Director, Technology, NAB
  • Erik Moreno, Dyle Mobile TV
  • Jay Adrick, Vice President, Harris Broadcasting

We asked each of them about the impressive adoption of mobile DTV by broadcasters and the various consumer devices that are coming to market later this year that allow viewers to get over-the-air broadcast TV signals on their mobile devices without any hefty mobile data charges.  I think you’ll be amazed at what mobile DTV has in store for viewers now and in the very near future:

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More broadcast innovations on the horizon

The Future of TV certainly looked bright at this week’s Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Annual Meeting. The meeting attracted the television industry’s premier broadcasters, engineers and other revolutionary leaders who are charged with developing the standards for broadcast innovations now and in the future. This year’s meeting included deep discussions on exciting broadcast innovations like improving mobile TV, incorporating standards for UltraHD and setting standards for broadcast 3D TV.

Early in the day, Leonardo Chiariglione, chairman and co-founder of the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), delivered a keynote address on the innovations and standards that will help shape the future of HDTV. Other panels took a closer look at some of the broadcasters who are already achieving great things with mobile TV – like equipping city buses  with transmitters to help get the technology into consumers’ hands.

Throughout the day it was clear that viewers’ interests were at the forefront of everyone’s minds. This  wasespecially evident in the concluding panel, which touched on the importance of allowing smartphone and tablet users to access high quality video programming, including live, local TV, without having to incur hefty mobile data charges.

Check back soon for more posts on the ATSC meeting, including interviews and video highlights featuring the latest trends and innovations in broadcasting for viewers like you.

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Exciting innovations in Mobile DTV showcased at CES on the Hill

Live TV on-the-go. Personalized television. Mobile DTV tuner devices. It’s pretty clear that “TV life as we know it… is about to change dramatically.”

Some of the exciting broadcast innovations debuted last week at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Nev., have come to Washington, D.C., and now lawmakers get a chance to see if they are ready to be rolled out to consumers.

The Consumer Electronic Show on the Hill will showcase some of the highlights from last week’s show, including demonstrations of the latest in Mobile DTV from the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC).

As much as we love being a part of cutting-edge electronic development, we know our viewers are going to love local television on-the-go and saving money without incurring costly mobile data bills even more! Mobile DTV is delivered from local stations to smartphones via over-the-air technology, not wireless, which means no data streaming charges.

Read more about the technologies that will be coming soon. Whatever your lifestyle, these innovations are bringing your favorite content to you wherever you are. That’s something we can all be excited about.

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Summer 2012 – a blockbuster for consumers

Free, local television on the go. Tablets and other mobile devices with built-in TV tuners and antennas. New ways to avoid huge monthly data bills from wireless companies. The Future of TV blog has been keeping you apprised about new developments in mobile DTV technologies and now it’s time for consumers to start taking advantage of free, local TV in the palm of their hand!

At the NAB Show this week, broadcasters, vendors and technology organizations have been out in force… demonstrating the technology and new devices.

Some of the great new innovations include:

  • Consumer electronics manufacturers are bringing new mobile DTV-capable devices to market and developing external devices that will allow existing iPads and smart phones to receive live broadcast signals.
  • The Mobile500 Alliance is demonstrating its solution that offers live TV, DVR-type functionality for recording live TV, on demand programming, social media integration, closed captioning and interactive advertising.
  • New tuner devices, which are small adapters/dongles for iPads and iPhones will be available through online retailers this summer.

Read more about what broadcasters are doing to deliver the entertainment you love and the information you rely on to your mobile devices!

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Concerned about mobile data charges? Broadcasters can help.

Guzzler. Hog. Pig. No, we’re not talking about gas pumps, but rather the potential for huge data bills with some of the new tablet devices on the market that are swallowing up data from cellular networks at a monstrous rate, especially those that connect using the 4G network.

We’ve mentioned new devices that will deliver TV to the palm of your hand with already built-in TV tuners and antennas (and therefore not using up your monthly data allotment in one day!), but did you know that there are other ways to get your local news and entertainment on the go?

More than 100 stations are broadcasting directly to mobile devices, with more coming online all the time. Anywhere you go, you’ll be able to watch your favorite programs, the local football game or check out the weather forecast. It’s hyperlocal content the way you want to receive it. And if your device has a USB port (like your laptop, netbook, etc.) you can also purchase an external dongle. A dongle (not much bigger than a flashdrive) merely connects to your computer allowing you to receive mobile optimized broadcast video for free.

So for those who are budget conscious (and who isn’t these days?) and concerned about using too much data, broadcasters are working daily on new and innovative technologies to continue bringing you the information and entertainment you seek and rely on every day for free.

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